Grand Lodge Office To Be Closed To All Visitors

In the last 2 weeks since my Edict was issued and my subsequent announcements concerning the issues arising from the outbreak and spreading of the COVID-19 coronavirus, it seems that we know very little more concerning the long-term ramifications of this disease or how long we will have to deal with it.

What is apparent is that it is continuing to spread and still no true explanation of how communicable it is and by what method it is transmitted.

In view of the recommendations of the CDC, WHO, city, county, and State governments as well as multiple health experts and in consideration of the inherent risks involved with close contact with the general public, I am ordering that effective immediately, the Grand Lodge Office be closed to all visitors until further notice.  When there are clear and verifiable indications that the risk of infection has been controlled and abated, we will reassess the need for limiting access to the Grand Lodge office location.

The Grand Lodge staff and all personnel will continue to function and conduct all business as prescribed by our by-laws and by our obligation and commitment to serving the craft members and lodges.  Instead of face to face interactions during this time, all business will be conducted by telephone, emails or other forms of electronic communications.

It is at times like this that allow us to refocus on what is truly important and to remember the welfare of our brothers and their families.  Take this opportunity to reflect on our obligations to each other and check on ones you haven’t heard from for a while, especially our elderly members and widows.

I believe that this action is consistent with our commitment to each other and is in the best interest of all concerned.  Your patience and understanding during this trying time is requested and is greatly appreciated.

Fraternally Yours,
Stanton T. Brown II
Grand Master 2019-2020