Grand Lodge Programs

Masonic License Plates

Click here to download the application for your Missouri Masonic License Plate. The Missouri License Plate carries a $25.00 fee per renewal which will go to benefit the Missouri Lodge of Research Foundation.  This fee is required by Missouri State Law. An authorization form will be sent to you and must be presented to your local license bureau before obtaining the Masonic License Plate.


The 10/4/10 program is to provide an opportunity for brothers to contribute to the Grand Lodge Endowment Fund. 10/4/10 stands for $10.00 a year for ten years, which represents a total of $100.00 per member. The purpose of this program is to increase the Grand Lodge Endowment Fund so that in the future, interest may be used if needed as set fourth in the By-Laws. Each Brother who participates will receive a lapel pin and his name will be engraved in the 10/4/10 registry. For those who contribute $500.00 (Bronze), $1,000.00 (Silver), $1,500.00 (Gold), they will receive a Master Builder Statuette as a remembrance. Click here to download the form and become a part of the 10/4/10 program today.