2017-2018 Member Album


By now you have no doubt received a Post Card in the mail.   The Grand Lodge of Missouri partnered with a third party company from Texas to verify your contact information and your Masonic History and Accolades to ensure accuracy of our records.   Any updates to any Member Contact Information that a member identifies through a phone call to the Data Collection Company will be updated in the Online Membership Portal and those Updates will also be forwarded to your Lodge Secretary respectively.

Later in the Masonic Year a Member Album will be published that include Articles about the History of the Grand Lodge of Missouri as well as specific history from our 328 Lodges in the State of Missouri.    Members, upon their election to do so, May also include their Personal History and Photographs in a Section dedicated to our Members

The project is voluntary and members are not required to participate, nor required to purchase an Album,  however we certainly encourage you to submit Photos and articles regarding your memorable moments in our Great Fraternity for inclusion in the 2017-2018 Member Album which will help us celebrate our History of the Masonic Fraternity in Missouri with your Story.


2017-2018 Member Album


Frequently Asked Questions By Members



  1. I received an email/postcard/phone call from a company asking for my personal information. They said they were working on a directory for Grand Lodge of Missouri, AF & AM. Is this a legitimate project, or is it a scam?


We have partnered with PCI (also known as Publishing Concepts) to produce our new members directory. PCI is a company located in Dallas, TX and Virginia Beach, VA that publishes directories for educational institutions, fraternities, sororities and military organizations across the nation. This project allows Grand Lodge of Missouri, AF & AM to receive important updates to our database so we know more about our members and how we can better serve you and future members.




  1. How do I know my information will only be used for directory purposes?


Grand Lodge of Missouri, AF & AM has a contractual agreement with PCI that states:

  1. The names, addresses and information provided to PCI by Grand Lodge of Missouri, AF & AM for the publication of the Directory will be held confidential by PCI, except to the extent that they are utilized in, or in the preparation of, the Directory and except as required by court order or law.


  1. The Directory will be made available only to members of Grand Lodge of Missouri, AF & AM. Upon completion of the project, PCI will return to Grand Lodge of Missouri, AF & AM any and all electronic files that have been supplied to Grand Lodge of Missouri, AF & AM or produced by PCI in connection with the production of the Directory.




  1. I would like to verify and update my information. How may I do this?


If you have received a postcard or an email with a telephone number, you may call the number to speak with a dedicated representative for the Grand Lodge of Missouri, AF & AM project. The representative will verify all the information we have on file for you and make any updates where needed.


If you have received an email with an embedded link, you may go to the online site to review your information. If you have questions, you may call PCI’s customer service desk at 1.800.982.1590.




  1. Can anyone purchase a directory?


The Grand Lodge of Missouri, AF & AM Members Today Publication is available for sale ONLY to Grand Lodge of Missouri, AF & AM members.




  1. Can I choose some or all of my information not to be printed in the directory?


When you call to update your information, you can tell the representative what information you would prefer to have excluded. You may also communicate this information to the PCI customer service desk (1.800.982.1590) or to the Institution.




  1. I ordered a directory/package over the phone and would like to cancel my order. How do I do this?


Call the PCI customer service help desk at 1.800.982.1590, and they will take care of this for you.

2017 David R Bedwell Memorial Masonic Renewal Essay Competition

The Masonic Renewal Committee is sponsoring an Essay Competition that will offer cash awards to the top three levels:

  • Champion – $1,500
  • First Runner-up – $1,000
  • Second Runner-up – $500

The 2017  Essay Theme is “Masonic Renewal – What does it mean to you now and in the future?”

For more information and to find out more about the Masonic Renewal Committee click the image to the side or this link.

Photo of Masonic Legislators

Photo taken on May 4, by the official photographer of the Missouri House of Representatives, of the Grand Master with members of the 98th General Assembly who are Freemasons or members and Order of the Eastern Star, Prince Hall Affiliation. The picture was taken the dais of the Missouri House of Representatives. Unfortunately, a number of Mason-legislators were unable to be in the photograph due to ongoing meetings.

Pictured left to right (with District number in parentheses):

Front row (going bottom to top), GM Stewart, Rep. Nate Walker (3), Rep. Bonnaye Mims (27), Rep. Kevin Austin (136), Sen. David Pearce (21), WB and Sen. Dan Hegeman

Second row, Sen. Jamilah Nasheed (5), Sen. Jay Wasson (20), Rep. Caleb Jones (50)

Third row, Rep. Warren Love (125), Rep. Dave Muntzel (48)

Fourth row, Rep. Pat Conway (10), Rep. Lynn Morris (140), Rep. Bill Lant (159)

Top Row, Rep. Bryan Spencer (63), Rep. Joe Don McGaugh (39)

Masonic Legislators 98th General Assembly


Greetings Brethren:

This is a reminder that the Grand Master’s Chance to Advance Class will be held on Saturday, May 7, 2016 at Cooper Lodge #36 in Boonville, Mo.  Registration opens at 7:30 with light breakfast, program starts at 8:15.  Lunch around 11:30; ends around 3:45.

All Master Masons–whether seasoned or new–are cordially invited to attend to witness our new educational program and experience some of the best ritual around.

If you are planning to attend yourself or have a candidate to bring from your lodge, please contact Cooper Lodge Secretary John Holtzclaw at (660) 882-9500 or jholtzclaw@reecenichols.com so we have head count for the food.

RWB Charles Palmer, DDGM 22nd District, will be the host DDGM.  His email address is cwspalmer@centurytel.net should you need to contact him.

All candidates should bring the necessary paperwork from their respective lodge secretary and have a Master Mason from their lodge with themCandidates need to arrive in time to register no later than 8:00 am.


If you have a part to perform in the C2A, there will be a short rehearsal beginning Friday night at the Lodge from 7:00-9:00 pm.  If you need a hotel room, please contact the Grand Lodge office ASAP at grandsecretary@momason.org or call (573) 474-8561.

Thank you.

Brent Stewart
Grand Master 2015-2016



Our Grand Secretary, RWB Dale Bryan, has found it necessary to step down as Grand Secretary.  A copy of his letter to me is attached.  RWB Dale has agreed to stay on until his successor is named and Assistant Grand Secretary RWB Keith Neese will be helping to cover things in the office while RWB Dale relocates back to St. Joseph to be closer to his family and a new Grand Secretary is selected.  The Craft should notice no disruption of service in the day to day operations of the Grand Lodge office.

I am currently in Wisconsin at the Conference of Grand Masters of North America but I am in the process of appointing a special committee pursuant to Section 2.010(l) of the By-Laws to search for and recommend a qualified successor.

We have retained the resumes of all those who applied for the position last spring so those of you who submitted a resume at that time need not resubmit in order to be considered.

For those who wish to be considered but did not submit a resume before, please send your resume and cover letter explaining why you believe you are qualified for the position ON OR BEFORE MARCH 4 to RWB Keith Neese at grandsecretary@momason.org.

I plan on moving things along as quickly as possible.

Please join me in thanking RWB Dale for his service to the Craft and in wishing him and his family all the best.

Thank you.

Brent Stewart
Grand Master 2015-2016
Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Missouri
6033 Masonic Drive, Suite B
Columbia, MO 65202
(573) 474-8561

RWB Bryan Resignation Letter

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