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Our Grand Secretary, RWB Dale Bryan, has found it necessary to step down as Grand Secretary.  A copy of his letter to me is attached.  RWB Dale has agreed to stay on until his successor is named and Assistant Grand Secretary RWB Keith Neese will be helping to cover things in the office while RWB Dale relocates back to St. Joseph to be closer to his family and a new Grand Secretary is selected.  The Craft should notice no disruption of service in the day to day operations of the Grand Lodge office.

I am currently in Wisconsin at the Conference of Grand Masters of North America but I am in the process of appointing a special committee pursuant to Section 2.010(l) of the By-Laws to search for and recommend a qualified successor.

We have retained the resumes of all those who applied for the position last spring so those of you who submitted a resume at that time need not resubmit in order to be considered.

For those who wish to be considered but did not submit a resume before, please send your resume and cover letter explaining why you believe you are qualified for the position ON OR BEFORE MARCH 4 to RWB Keith Neese at

I plan on moving things along as quickly as possible.

Please join me in thanking RWB Dale for his service to the Craft and in wishing him and his family all the best.

Thank you.

Brent Stewart
Grand Master 2015-2016
Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Missouri
6033 Masonic Drive, Suite B
Columbia, MO 65202
(573) 474-8561

RWB Bryan Resignation Letter

New Grand Lecturer



It is with a very heavy heart that I must inform you that Right Worshipful Brother Michael E. Wheeler has resigned as your Grand Lecturer due to personal reasons involving his family. I asked him to reconsider but he advised me that his current circumstances just would not permit it. I must respect his wishes and ask that all of you join with me to sincerely thank him for his service as our Grand Lecturer  and in wishing him and his family all the   best.

With his departure it necessarily falls upon me to name his successor. It is a difficult task, especially so when we have so many qualified brethren who are deeply devoted to preserving and teaching our Ritual. I believe, however , as did Most Worshipful Brother Haywood before me, that the Craft at this time is best served ·by selecting our next Grand Lecturer from among the ranks of our sitting Regional Grand Lecturers.

After much thought, careful consideration, and consultation with your Advancing Line Officers, I have appointed Right Worshipful Brother David G. Wheelock as our new Grand Lecturer. He has agreed to serve at the will of the Grand Master for a period not intended to exceed five years.

Right Worshipful Brother Wheelock was born in Pleasanton, Kansas in 1947 and moved to Missouri in 1976. He is a member of Twilight Lodge #114 where he was initiated, passed , and raised within the first three months of 1983. He served as Master in 1989 and then as DDGL from 1990-95 and again from 2013-15, when he was appointed Regional Grand Lecturer, Region A, and a member of the Ritual Committee. He was Dad Advisor for the Rainbow Girls from 1986- 90 and a recipient of the Grand Cross of Color. In 2013 he lost his wife, Barbara, after eighteen years of marriage. He first learned Masonic Ritual under then-Grand Lecturer RWB Stanton T. Brown Sr. and holds all five Missouri Ritual cards. Please join me in welcoming Right Worshipful Brother Wheelock as our new Grand Lecturer.


Brent Stewart

Grand Master

Notice: Grand Lodge By-Laws Update


Due to the rising costs of publication and postage, the Grand Lodge Committee on By-Laws this year has again elected not to distribute paper copies of the 2015 edition of the Constitution and By-Laws. The full document is available for direct viewing, download, and printing from the Grand Lodge website at under the “Resources” tab. Alternatively, you may contact the Grand Lodge Office and purchase a full paper copy for the actual cost of printing and shipping the entire publication.

For ease of use in locating and inserting appropriate updates, below is a listing of all By-Law and annotation revisions by page and section number through the 2015 Annual Communication.

  1. The By-Laws themselves have been amended to reflect all legislation approved at the 194th Annual Communication. The amended Sections are as follows:
    • Section 9.051 outlining the Treasurer’s Duties has been added at page
    • Sections 9.070 and 9.090 relating to Formation of and Reporting by Building Associations have been amended at pages 48 and
    • Section 10.040 has been amended at page 54 to reflect the codification of the Public Relations Assessment for dues paying members. Note this assessment does not apply to those whose dues have been remitted, relieved, or
    • Sections 16.050 (pg. 70), 16.070 (pg. 71), 17.130 (pg. 74), 17.150 (pg. 75), 20.010 (pg. 82), and 20.080 (pg. 83) have been amended to eliminate references to the requirement of a Candidate’s Proficiency which was repealed in 2000 at the 179th Annual Communication.
  • The Junior Grand Warden has been added to the Resolution at page 125 concerning Representatives at the Conference of Grand Masters and meetings of the George Washington National Memorial
  1. With the approval of the legislation noted above, previous Committee Notes and Annotations relating to proficiency requirements have been eliminated for individual sections. A citation to previously repealed Section16.040 Proficiency (Repealed 2000-70,71) has been added at page 70 and all annotations relating to proficiency requirements have been added
  2. A Committee Note at 3.035 regarding previous erroneous by-law language has been
  3. The annotation regarding Treasurer’s Reports at 8.010 has been eliminated as it has been superseded by the addition of Section 051.
  4. Appropriate language and a Committee Note has been added to 10.040 to correct a previous omission in printing the By-Laws clarifying that lodges are not assessed per capita dues for Master Masons whose dues have been exempted or remitted.
  1. The Resolution regarding support of extraneous organizations has been removed due to conflicts with Section 053.

The members of the Committee trust that the Craft will appreciate our efforts to reduce costs. Should you have any problems accessing the Constitution and By-Laws on the web site, please do not hesitate to contact the Grand Lodge office for assistance.

Fraternally and sincerely,

John C. Spielman, Chairman

Grand Lodge Committee on By-Laws

Assistant Grand Secretary

Be It Known By All :

Pursuant to Sections 2.0lO(k) and 2.040(0) of the By-Laws of the Grand Lodge of Ancient,  Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Missouri,as Grand Master I have on this date approved the appointment of Right Worshipful  Brother H. Keith Neese to serve without compensation, unless otherwise determined at a later date, as an assistant to the Grand Secretary.

Right Worshipful Brother Neese shall hold the temporary title of “Assistant Grand Secretary” for the term of his appointment, which shall continue until such time as determined by the Grand Secretary and approved by the Grand Master.

This action has been deemed necessary due to the inordinate amount of work created for the Grand Lodge Office in transitioning from the administration of the former Grand Secretary to the current Grand Secretary.

Brent Stewart
Grand Master

Asst G Secretary Ltr 12 9 15 (003)

Missouri Residency Requirement

Re:  COMPLIANCE WITH THE BY-LAWS—Candidate Petitions

Worshipful Master and Brethren of all Missouri Lodges:

            While I know that this is a redundant letter, that I sent it to you last October and that my term has almost come to an end, I am again sending it to you to emphasize the importance of the investigation of candidates.

Your attention is directed to Section 13.020 of the Grand Lodge By-Laws, which states:

Except as provided in Section 21.100 (Waiver of Jurisdiction From Another State), a petitioner for the degrees must have had a permanent settled domicile or fixed abode in Missouri continuously for the six months immediately preceding  and presentation of his petition.  Residence is neither lost nor gained by the mere fact of location while employed in the service, either civil or military, of Missouri or of the United States.

All brothers recommending a candidate and signing a petition already should be aware, but if not should be immediately made aware, of this By-Law.  The Investigation Committee, the Lodge Secretary, and the Master each share the duty to insure that this and all other By-Laws are carefully and punctually observed.

When investigating a prospective candidate due diligence must be used to confirm the petitioner’s address prior to presenting his petition for a final vote.  Our By-Laws require that a candidate must be a Missouri resident for six months.  A Post Office Box does not qualify as a permanent Missouri address.  Falsely stating a residence or its duration on a petition is a Masonic Offense.  Petitions from non-residents of Missouri may be received only after the required jurisdictional consents have been obtained.  Should you have any questions, contact your District Deputy Grand Master.

I have included a brochure from the Grand Lodge entitled Manual for the Committee of Investigation to assist the members of your investigation committees in carrying out their duties.  Additional copies are available upon request from the Grand Secretary.


David W. Haywood, Grand Master

September 15, 2015

New Secretary Database

Brother Secretary,

We’re pleased to announce that we have successfully converted the Grand Lodge Database to the new system.  We are in the process of verifying the information and customizing the operation of the system to suit our processes and by-laws.    We’re excited about the new capabilities it will bring our craft.

We will begin a phased rollout this week.  The system will be launched with essential features enabled and new features will be released in the coming weeks.  As the system is implemented we will be communicating through email and posting correspondence through the system itself.

As with any major changes in the processes and procedures of an organization there will be issues along the way.  We ask that you be patient with the implementation.

Training & Communications       

The implementation of such a system is a complicated series of events and training. In order to facilitate both, the Grand Lodge will be communicating with lodge secretaries on a regular basis.  We will also be posting information on the Grand Lodge Website

Once you follow the directions in this email to set up your account you will find training videos showing you how to use different features of the system.  Keep in mind that you will initially have view-only access to the system so some of the features in the videos may not be available.

Web based training sessions will be held at least once a week.  Please check the Grand Lodge Website for the schedule of web-based training sessions.  Sessions will be scheduled both during the day and in the evening to suit varying personal schedules.  These sessions will last approximately one hour and will allow you to see the screens and functionality while also providing an opportunity for questions and answers.

Getting help and reporting problems.

Should you have issues or need assistance after watching the training videos and attending a WebEx training session, please email with a description of your issue and how we can contact you.  Please include pertinent information such as what you were trying to do, what lodge or member you were working on, and whether or not you received an error message.  If possible, please send screenshots as well.  This information will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to troubleshoot an issue.

Creating an Account and Gaining Administrative rights

o   Please visit

o   Enter your home lodge number, member number, and last name exactly as it appears on your dues card.  (Case sensitive)

o   Set your username and password (Case sensitive).

o   Update your contact information.

o   Upon setting up your account you will have access to your own record.  The Grand Lodge will be notified of the creation of your account and will grant permissions for your lodge.  All you need to do is log back in to see the lodge dashboard.
What to do when you access your lodge dashboard for the first time.

o   Look around and get comfortable with the layout of the application.

o   If you find inaccuracies please make a note and send that to .  We expect there to be some minor data irregularities so please be patient.  We will investigate the issue and report back the resolution.

What’s Next?

Over the next couple weeks we will be testing various features of the system.  You may receive emails from the Grand Lodge from time to time testing communication features.  Please be patient!   This is a large and complicated undertaking and we will be working to address issues and rollout the system as quickly as possible.

We appreciate your assistance and look forward to the capabilities this upgrade will bring to the Grand Lodge of Missouri, Constituent Lodges and the Membership!


Jeffrey S. Pennington, Grand Secretary

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