Grand Masters Message

March 13, 2020

TO: All Missouri Lodges, Lodge Officers and Grand Lodge Officers

As many of you already know, the recent outbreak of coronavirus has now been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Many municipalities within the United States have not just recommended canceling activities involving a large group of people but actually outlawing those meetings. St. Louis County has just issued such a ban until further notice.

The Grand Lodge of Missouri has often scheduled activities and currently has several events already planned throughout the State of Missouri with local lodges and also participating in community events that focus on the great work Freemasons and Freemasonry does in this State. Even though some communities are not yet infected or suffering from the effects of this disease, I cannot in good conscience expose any member or their families to the potentially deadly effects and complications of this outbreak.

Every member of our Grand Lodge staff, Grand Lodge Line and One-year appointees is absolutely committed to serving this jurisdiction with zeal and dedication. I know that every one of them wants to be out with the craft fulfilling our duties, however, I cannot in good conscience risk exposing my Grand Lodge officers and their families to illnesses when not absolutely necessary.

Because of the unknown characteristics of the coronavirus as to the way it is transmitted, the life span of the virus while in the air or on surfaces, why there are reoccurrences of disease in those previously infected and thought to be healed and so many other unknown features, I am hereby suspending all Grand Lodge activities currently scheduled until further notice.

As the situation becomes clearer and we get more verifiable medically based information on the severity and scope of this outbreak, we will attempt to reschedule those events as best we can. The Grand Lodge staff will continue to perform their duties without interruption and should not be affected by this notice. This is to apply to travel and events outside of the operation of the Grand Lodge Complex.

I thank you for your understanding.


Stanton T. Brown, II
Grand Master