MWB Ty G. Treutelaar

Biography of MWB Ty G. Treutelaar

Elected as Grand Master for the 2021-2022 Masonic Year, Dr. Ty G. Treutelaar was appointed to the advancing line of the Grand Lodge of Missouri, by MWB Jon B. Broyles (PGM 2013-2014). MWB Treutelaar is a native of Wisconsin from a family of Masonic tradition and has lived in Missouri since 1982. A resident of University City, Ty and his wife Cecily were married in 1984 and they have two adult sons, Max and Adam. Ty retired from practice and spent over 20 years in the oil industry serving most of that time on the advisory board of directors and as the chairman for various committees of a major oil company. He now uses his health care background and his extensive regulatory experience to consult with physicians and attorneys as to medical regulations and regulatory defense. History, travel, and writing are favorite topics for Ty, and he is a regular contributor to the Missouri Freemason Magazine. You might also find Ty involved in charity and fundraising for various organizations and assisting the local school district with a project or two. (Editor’s Note: to settle an ongoing question, this is the best way to attempt to say his last name: “Troit-Lar”)

Raised in 1984 and a Past Master of Saint Louis Missouri Lodge #1, MWB Treutelaar has been active in the long range planning and strategic direction of the lodge, including the inclusion of the Past Masters and newly made Master Masons within the structure of their organization. The officers of the lodge are combined in a vision of the strategic plan to allow for continued growth and harmony.

The discovery and research of Masonic Relics is of particular interest to MWB Treutelaar, and he is an active member of the Lodge of Research. He has served on the Mileage and per Diem Committee and Masonic Education Committee, and some ad hoc committees for special projects. He is particularly proud of the results and efforts of so many people in the application and use of the bar-codes on our dues cards, and for the posting of educational materials on the Grand Lodge website that the lodges can use during their meeting.

MWB Treutelaar serves on the Building Preservation Board for the Valley of St. Louis Scottish Rite, is a KCCH, and assists the breakfast committee that plans the annual Saint Louis area Grand Master’s Consecration Breakfast. Ty can be found traveling to attend meetings of the Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis, the Order of Knight Masons, the Royal Order of Scotland, and the Red Cross of Constantine. He is an honorary member of both the DeMolay Legion of Honor and the DeMolay Supreme Council; and was unanimously elected as the 2022 Chairman of the Conference of Grand Masters of North America

The perspective gained from all these experiences contribute to what might best describe MWB Treutelaar, that he is a Missouri Master Mason.