Notice: Grand Lodge By-Laws Update


Due to the rising costs of publication and postage, the Grand Lodge Committee on By-Laws this year has again elected not to distribute paper copies of the 2015 edition of the Constitution and By-Laws. The full document is available for direct viewing, download, and printing from the Grand Lodge website at under the “Resources” tab. Alternatively, you may contact the Grand Lodge Office and purchase a full paper copy for the actual cost of printing and shipping the entire publication.

For ease of use in locating and inserting appropriate updates, below is a listing of all By-Law and annotation revisions by page and section number through the 2015 Annual Communication.

  1. The By-Laws themselves have been amended to reflect all legislation approved at the 194th Annual Communication. The amended Sections are as follows:
    • Section 9.051 outlining the Treasurer’s Duties has been added at page
    • Sections 9.070 and 9.090 relating to Formation of and Reporting by Building Associations have been amended at pages 48 and
    • Section 10.040 has been amended at page 54 to reflect the codification of the Public Relations Assessment for dues paying members. Note this assessment does not apply to those whose dues have been remitted, relieved, or
    • Sections 16.050 (pg. 70), 16.070 (pg. 71), 17.130 (pg. 74), 17.150 (pg. 75), 20.010 (pg. 82), and 20.080 (pg. 83) have been amended to eliminate references to the requirement of a Candidate’s Proficiency which was repealed in 2000 at the 179th Annual Communication.
  • The Junior Grand Warden has been added to the Resolution at page 125 concerning Representatives at the Conference of Grand Masters and meetings of the George Washington National Memorial
  1. With the approval of the legislation noted above, previous Committee Notes and Annotations relating to proficiency requirements have been eliminated for individual sections. A citation to previously repealed Section16.040 Proficiency (Repealed 2000-70,71) has been added at page 70 and all annotations relating to proficiency requirements have been added
  2. A Committee Note at 3.035 regarding previous erroneous by-law language has been
  3. The annotation regarding Treasurer’s Reports at 8.010 has been eliminated as it has been superseded by the addition of Section 051.
  4. Appropriate language and a Committee Note has been added to 10.040 to correct a previous omission in printing the By-Laws clarifying that lodges are not assessed per capita dues for Master Masons whose dues have been exempted or remitted.
  1. The Resolution regarding support of extraneous organizations has been removed due to conflicts with Section 053.

The members of the Committee trust that the Craft will appreciate our efforts to reduce costs. Should you have any problems accessing the Constitution and By-Laws on the web site, please do not hesitate to contact the Grand Lodge office for assistance.

Fraternally and sincerely,

John C. Spielman, Chairman

Grand Lodge Committee on By-Laws