New Grand Lecturer



It is with a very heavy heart that I must inform you that Right Worshipful Brother Michael E. Wheeler has resigned as your Grand Lecturer due to personal reasons involving his family. I asked him to reconsider but he advised me that his current circumstances just would not permit it. I must respect his wishes and ask that all of you join with me to sincerely thank him for his service as our Grand Lecturer  and in wishing him and his family all the   best.

With his departure it necessarily falls upon me to name his successor. It is a difficult task, especially so when we have so many qualified brethren who are deeply devoted to preserving and teaching our Ritual. I believe, however , as did Most Worshipful Brother Haywood before me, that the Craft at this time is best served ·by selecting our next Grand Lecturer from among the ranks of our sitting Regional Grand Lecturers.

After much thought, careful consideration, and consultation with your Advancing Line Officers, I have appointed Right Worshipful Brother David G. Wheelock as our new Grand Lecturer. He has agreed to serve at the will of the Grand Master for a period not intended to exceed five years.

Right Worshipful Brother Wheelock was born in Pleasanton, Kansas in 1947 and moved to Missouri in 1976. He is a member of Twilight Lodge #114 where he was initiated, passed , and raised within the first three months of 1983. He served as Master in 1989 and then as DDGL from 1990-95 and again from 2013-15, when he was appointed Regional Grand Lecturer, Region A, and a member of the Ritual Committee. He was Dad Advisor for the Rainbow Girls from 1986- 90 and a recipient of the Grand Cross of Color. In 2013 he lost his wife, Barbara, after eighteen years of marriage. He first learned Masonic Ritual under then-Grand Lecturer RWB Stanton T. Brown Sr. and holds all five Missouri Ritual cards. Please join me in welcoming Right Worshipful Brother Wheelock as our new Grand Lecturer.


Brent Stewart

Grand Master