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2017 David R Bedwell Memorial Masonic Renewal Essay Competition

The Masonic Renewal Committee is sponsoring an Essay Competition that will offer cash awards to the top three levels:

  • Champion – $1,500
  • First Runner-up – $1,000
  • Second Runner-up – $500

The 2017  Essay Theme is “Masonic Renewal – What does it mean to you now and in the future?”

For more information and to find out more about the Masonic Renewal Committee click the image to the side or this link.

Photo of Masonic Legislators

Photo taken on May 4, by the official photographer of the Missouri House of Representatives, of the Grand Master with members of the 98th General Assembly who are Freemasons or members and Order of the Eastern Star, Prince Hall Affiliation. The picture was taken the dais of the Missouri House of Representatives. Unfortunately, a number of Mason-legislators were unable to be in the photograph due to ongoing meetings.

Pictured left to right (with District number in parentheses):

Front row (going bottom to top), GM Stewart, Rep. Nate Walker (3), Rep. Bonnaye Mims (27), Rep. Kevin Austin (136), Sen. David Pearce (21), WB and Sen. Dan Hegeman

Second row, Sen. Jamilah Nasheed (5), Sen. Jay Wasson (20), Rep. Caleb Jones (50)

Third row, Rep. Warren Love (125), Rep. Dave Muntzel (48)

Fourth row, Rep. Pat Conway (10), Rep. Lynn Morris (140), Rep. Bill Lant (159)

Top Row, Rep. Bryan Spencer (63), Rep. Joe Don McGaugh (39)

Masonic Legislators 98th General Assembly

2015 Revised Constitution and By-Laws

The 2015 Revised Constitution and By-Laws has been released and is available as a PDF Download on the Resource Tab.

This document has been formatted to be printed duplex to allow for the insertion of tabbed notebook pages, as are distributed with the purchased versions of the base document. This does not prevent you from printing the document on simplex (single sided).

Please feel free to download and print these documents. Since they are copyrighted, we ask that you do not make additional copies from the documents printed off the website. The pdf version found here is searchable, allowing you to easily locate the topic you seek.